Love Revealed in Fatima: A Honeymoon Story



As many of our readers may know, on May 31st, Mike (aka anotherepigone) and myself were married. It was a joyful day, filled with laughter, tears of joy, and an overwhelming experience of the grace of God.  After years of prayer and a deep love for the sacrament of marriage and everything that comes with it, I was finally able to enter into my vocation. I could feel the presence of Christ in my heart, and I felt the graces giving me strength where there was weakness, and courage where there was fear. All of these things in just one day. What I couldn’t expect was how He would reveal Himself time and time again on our honeymoon in Portugal.

We had already been in Portugal for about a week before we were finally in Fatima for the last few days. It was all coming to a close, and we wanted to end our honeymoon on the perfect note as well as to return to our home with hearts that were in the right place. We got to our hotel and got settled, then set off to finally go to the Chapel and go to an English mass that would be happening shortly.

Up to this point, we had no idea that we had coincidentally arrived in Fatima on Portugal Day. So, when we arrived expecting English mass, there was a rosary being said, followed by a mass. We had no idea why, but we were content to be there and see what the Lord had in store for us. Mass continued on, my heart dancing out of just the excitement alone that I was where Our Lady had appeared.  In addition to Mass, they had a full Eucharistic procession from the chapel and then around the courtyard. We had been standing at the back with a small crowd, but during the procession, we were right behind the priest as he carried the Monstrance. The entire crowd was silent. All we could hear were the hymns. The reverence in the silence among all the people was astounding.

They continued up the stairs of the new basilica, and we stopped at the steps, kneeling with several others as there was Benediction. Then the Monstrance was removed, taken into the basilica. Mike and I were overjoyed that we were there, with front row seats, not even expecting such a magnificent celebration in Fatima. Jesus wasn’t finished with us yet, though.

The next day, we had prepared ourselves to pray the Rosary on our knees along the path that lead to and around the Chapel of the Apparition.  To me, it was what I looked forward to doing most in Fatima, more than seeing anything else, but just to pray the rosary. I had been looking forward to it the whole honeymoon. We didn’t know what was going on in the chapel, as usually there was always a crowd there for one reason or another, and often a priest would lead the rosary. We focused on our present task.

As we finished reciting the rosary, we found ourselves directly in front of the chapel. My heart skipped as I looked over to behold the Priest raising up the consecrated host. I was frozen. I grasped Mike’s hand tightly. We starred in awe, and bowed as the priest did before Christ in the Blessed Sacrament . How beautiful that Jesus would meet us at the end.

We were so blessed to see Jesus reveal Himself during our Honeymoon as we begin to live out our vocation. Something that has been on my heart is that while Mike and I now have each other, Christ must still remain the prime focus. By loving Him, we will be able to love one another better.

God will provide all that we need in our vocations. He may allow us to struggle, but only to help us become holier. He will provide for us in His own time, and in His own way. The greatest gift that He gives us is the gift of Himself. It is His love that will sustain us and He will be our manna in our good times, but also in the deserts in our life ahead.

May God bless all of you as you seek to know and live out your vocations.
Catholic Ruki


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  1. Very nice, congratulations to you guys !! God bless 🙂

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