They will know we are Christians by our blog?

TSDSABY EC008Have you ever met someone for the first time and realized that your pre-conceived notions about them were wrong? I recently had one of these encounters and it made me realize something. You see, this encounter was with someone whose writing I respect. I enjoy reading what they write regarding their musings about the faith. From what they write, I had contrived in my mind a certain persona. “This person will be totally cool and they’ll totally like me”. Suddenly, in a flash of realism, I was reminded again of my insecurities. Upon meeting them, they totally brushed me off. I know the fact that we all fail in what it means to be a Christian, but in that moment, I began questioning my own level of “coolness”. Let me repeat, a fellow Catholic sparked in me the question of whether I was “cool”. After regaining my mental composure, I began to question if this is something I do to others and not realize it. How many people in the world look at me as unapproachable because perhaps I look “too cool” for them; too Catholic, too heady, too puritanical? Have I locked people out unintentionally simply because I am not willing to welcome them into my heart or life, even for one minute?

My friends, Catholic or not, know I write for Team Orthodoxy. They know I’m pretty crazy about the Catholic faith. But do they know that I love them? In the Gospels, Jesus is seen making every single person’s worth known to them. Relationships were important, even with the “unclean” Samaritans.  Do my coworkers, my friends, my family, know that I care for them down to the core? Do they see in me that type of love that looks through the external and meets the heart? Being part of a team of Catholics who work for the New Evangelization, I have had to pose this question to them: “When people look at us, do they know that they are loved? When we look at each other, do we know we are loved?”.  The truth is, the world will know we are Christians by our love, and not by our blog. If our Facebook screams it more than our actions, perhaps it is time to question where we are at on our road to virtue. We may just be taking the easy route and not taking the hard road of real charity. We heard from in the Gospel that the narrow gate awaits us. Hopefully we can all deflate ourselves of our pride so we can fit through. The only thing you can take to Heaven with you are the souls you helped to save.


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  1. It is pretty easy to brush off somebody unintentionally. However, day to day living makes for a definite proof of your love for your fellow faith travelers. It is easier said than done. Live your faith and the people will see the truth!

  2. The same thing happened to me in reverse lately. I had formed an impression of a certain priest from the things I had seen about him in the newspapers — and it wasn’t a very favorable impression. When I met him, I was bowled over by his solid orthodoxy and dedication to the faith. So you’re right that we shouldn’t judge people by our personas.

    On the other hand, re: bloggers, some people are far less shy about writing than about relating in person. Many writers are pretty introverted, which is not the same thing as cold, even if it might look that way.

  3. Beautiful post. And by loving people, you draw them in and allow the holy spirit to work. I read some of St. Louis de Monfort. He talked alot about this same thing. He also said that by teaching people to pray the Rosary, that it made the bitter medicine go down better….later. I try to foster a love of prayer. I don’t really talk much about being Catholic. I do talk a lot about praying, and praying the Rosary, the chaplet of Divine Mercy, St. Michael, the Angelus. Let your light shine bro!

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