Pro-Life Cover Photos

Looking for a new Facebook or G+ cover photo? A good friend of mine, Yi Wang, made this series of pro-life images, featuring some of our local youth, as well as Pope Francis.

Changing your cover photo can be an easy way to get people thinking about the hidden evil of abortion in our society. You never know what fruits can come from sowing that seed, even if the people seeing it don’t respond directly. Personally, the last one is my favorite – laying out the human rights issue of abortion in simple, effective terms.

If this image sparks a conversation and you need some resources, definitely check out this awesome series of simple lessons on how to defend the pro-life position, from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.

(Click the photos to get full-size versions. Right-click then “Save Image As…” to save them)

Choice Chain Waterloo

Genocide - Fight It

Pope Francis Prolife

Human Rights


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  1. God bless you…you are doing the only thing, the right thing.

  2. Do you know if there’s a version of the last image that has a quote from American Law?

  3. Do you accept people with opposing views?

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