Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons to Give God and the Catholic Church a Chance


10. You see how many bad things people do in this world and wonder how can God exist if He allows this to happen. It is because of this global refusal of God that these negative things occur. It is rooted in original sin. Christ in His Catholic Church provides us with a solution for our selfishness.

“Humans, when left to their own devices, seem to be hopelessly selfish, and bent on their own destruction. It seems unless a power greater than us captures our hearts, nothing will change that trajectory.” – Propaganda, rapper

9. You are broken and hurting and nothing seems to be fixing it – Only God can bring true healing. Where better than to look than the place where Jesus Himself dwells in His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, 24/7?

8. You do not seem to be truly feel fulfilled in this life. The Catholic Church is filled with 2,000 years of history where people felt the same way and their lives were changed by Jesus. Only living for, loving, and serving God will bring true fulfillment.

7. You are thirsting for real joy. This is different from just feeling happy. Only God can bring true joy.

6. You are looking for a faith that will capture your sense of mystery and beauty. The Church is committed and has been for 2,000 years to providing the world with what is really beautiful, true, and good.

5. You want proof of God’s existence. Jesus is here. Take a chance, come and see!

4. You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

3. You are looking for something that makes intellectual sense. The Catholic Church unites both faith and reason.

2. You may have seen other Catholics who intrigue you and you want what they have.

1. God loves you and is here, right now, in the Blessed Sacrament for you! Give him a chance, open up your heart, and let Him shower His love upon you.


About orthojulie

I am a 26 year old wife and Catholic, who loves art, reading, doing housewifey things, and the outdoors (when the weather is nice). Though I make bad jokes, I can at least write decent posts for Take a read and leave a comment!

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