7 Quick Takes: Volume 14



Dr. Henry Morgentaler died on Wednesday, May 29, 2013. He was one of the biggest proponents of having Canada’s abortion laws completely removed, which happened in 1988. When this happened, it became legal to terminate the life of a pre-born child at any time, until which point they were fully emerged, alive, from the birth canal.


Speaking of which, Jonathon Van Maren, of Canadian Centre for Bio Ethical Reform, said in his article today called Taking Back Morgentaler’s Canada, that “A number of my colleagues noted that Dr. Morgentaler passed away exactly one year after the launch of the New Abortion Caravan in Vancouver, which hijacked the 1970 Abortion Caravan that Canada’s abortion activists’ claim paved the way to Morgentaler’s victory in 1988. This new caravan heralded not the death of a generation, but the resistance of the survivors. In a sense, Morgentaler’s death symbolizes the end of an era—pro-life activists, predominantly young people who have survived the abortion regime he fought for, are now prepared to do the work it will take to reclaim Canadian culture.”


If you have not heard this incredible story, read up on and watch the trailer about The Drop Box.


I am seriously digging this song lately. The music video is also bar none. I challenge you to take a listen, and watch the video. Let God move in you, and stir up your heart. Let down the guards and the walls. Let Him change you from the inside out.


I have been getting really tired of the busyness of life, and having my iPod or some other piece of technology in hand almost consistently, holding my attention over what really matters. I want things to change. I want to spend more time doing the things that really matter, like more time with the Lord and with family and friends, and doing simple things like reading, playing board games, etc. Life is to short to waste it away not experiencing it, and as I get older, I realize that more and more.


The house is almost done being fixed up! The bathroom is in, just not operational yet, and the kitchen just needs another coat of paint on the cupboards. After that, the kitchen is done with the paint (minus touch-ups)! After that comes the living room – I cannot wait to begin working on it. The house is so close to being done I can taste it!


Chris is away tonight. No matter where he goes, whether the trip is short or long, and even though these trips away may be needed for his own little getaway, home never feels the same without him. I am sure that other married couples must feel the same way with their spouses.

Be sure to check out the blog of the awesome Jennifer Fulweiler, the creator of 7 Quick Takes Friday. You can find her blog at Conversion Diary.


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