New Music Monday: Weekend Edition


Today does not really feel like Monday to me. Maybe it’s because I don’t want it to be Monday. Maybe it’s because I want my weekend back now that it’s gone. So I picked out some week-ender songs to help make Monday a little more fun.

First, something from Josh Garrels. This is basically my theme song lately, as I always seem to struggle on Mondays every day with my old nemesis, despair. Yup. Start the week right, and kick your lack of hope in the teeth.

Then of course some Pegboard Nerds because nothing says kicking in teeth like some dubstep.

Now, unfortunately, listening to dubstep isn’t very chill. It’s a bit like having someone screaming in your face. It’s nice when you need to get motivated, but not exactly something to do all day. So you could try something more calm like this:

That last one might make you sleepy. But that’s OK, you’ve finished with New Music Monday right? So a nap is probably a good idea. What’s that? You’re looking at Team Orthodoxy at work? Well, tsk tsk. I suppose I could give you one more to wake you up a little.

Have a great Monday!


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