7 Quick Takes: Volume 11


Today’s Quick Takes are brought to you by Arfink, and as this is my first set of Quick Takes I’m gonna try to make things somewhat crazy for everybody. So here are 7 crazy thoughts for you, from the eclectic workbench that is my brain:

Thing #1:

Having too much caffeine is bad for you. I discovered this yesterday. It seems pretty awesome at first, and people think you are hilarious. But later you turn into a zombie. And you may even get dehydrated and have your blood sugar plummet. And then you won’t be able to sleep. Don’t do this.


Thing #2:

Go listen to this amazing track by Coda called “The Clock Master.” It’s very cool! http://disasterpeace.com/track/the-clock-master-sync-majesty

Thing #3:

Also, the album art that goes with that track is just too fun.

Thing #4:

There is now a podcast called Steampunk Chesterton (yes, named for G.K. Chesterton) and I am on the first episode! You should totally check it out, we are all being quite crazy and talking about video games and comics and stuff. And our priest admits he loves D&D. http://www.steampunkchesterton.com

Thing #5:

You should always keep an extra copy of the Catechism and an extra Bible, so that you can have a copy you don’t feel bad about doodling inside of. Also known as taking notes, but I doodle mostly. It helps while you read it. You should try it. 🙂

Thing #6:

I lost my job on Saturday. So this is actually not an awesome thing. It’s actually kinda sad.

Thing #7:

But losing my job taught me something very important: Hope is awesome. And Hope is also not the same thing as optimism. Optimism is thinking that everything will be OK in the end and God will make it all happy and wonderful and that I’ll get a new job in no time and my bills wont be late and the mafia won’t have to come and kidnap me because I didn’t pay the sharks. This is not Hope. Hope is very different.

In fact, Hope is so different that you can still have Hope even when you know you’ll never get a job, and the bills won’t get paid, and the mafia is going to take you away and acquaint you with some very fresh seafood. Sometimes God doesn’t make everything all better. But God will always be there in the end. Even if that means you have to meet your end to get there. Hope means God will make sure everything works out for your eternal good (assuming you allow Him to do so by following His will), even if it means horrible things will happen to you.

Fortunately for me, and for all the rest of humanity, God not only gives us Hope, he very often gives us reason for optimism. And that is also super cool.

Until next time, this is Arfink. Have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend. 🙂


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