7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 9)



As most of you may know by now, Chris and I inherited a house. Our amazing, loving, gracious family passed it down to us after the death of Chris’ two great aunts who lived there. We are incredibly blessed. We have been working very hard since January cleaning it out and preparing it so we can move in. Today, we shared two pictures of the two bedrooms which are done being painted (minus the trim which needs another coat or two).


2nd bedroom


Saying “let’s agree to disagree” are some of the three most ridiculous words that come out of someone’s mouth in the face of moral discussions. I’ve heard a lot of it lately, especially in the face of the recent discussions on the topic of homosexual marriage. Let’s face it, we know there is right and wrong. This “agree to disagree” business is the same issue as “what’s true for me is true for me, and what’s true for you is true for you.” It’s relativism.  Relativism is the most twisted philosophy around, because it is no philosophy at all. When moral conflict arises, instead of “agreeing to disagree”, we need to get back to talking about it properly in order to realize the truth.




I recently saw this going around on Facebook. One person responded on the picture (as I shared it) saying, “Post-birth abortions?! How is this even legal?!” and another, “omg! how can that be true? please tell me that isn’t true.”

As soon as I saw the photo and article, my thought was “yep, who didn’t see that coming?.” If life is not respected even before it’s beginnings (contraceptives in any form, even contraceptive mentalities), it will not be respected as it grows and gets bigger.



There has been recent talk of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and his health. I love Pope Emeritus Benedict very much. He led the Church so well, being guided by the Holy Spirit. I continue to reference his quotes frequently. He has such great wisdom. Keep him in your prayers. http://www.catholicculture.org/news/headlines/index.cfm?storyid=17555


This past Sunday was Divine Mercy Sunday. The homily at St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica in London, Ontario was given by Fr. Steny, and he just rocked it. There is nothing I love more than a Priest who gives a Homily that really convicts me! The Gospel was about St. Thomas, as in the “doubting Thomas”, who on the day Jesus rose, was not with the Apostles when Jesus came among them. He sure was there the next Sunday though when they were gathered again. Fr. Steny said that so many Catholics infrequently attend the Sacraments because they do not believe, or feel that God has not proven Himself to them. However, as Catholics seeking to be faithful, we need to encourage those who have not encountered Christ or who have fallen away to do the simple, three word call that Jesus gives – “come and see” (John 1:39). Thomas doubted until he did just that. Even if there are teachings in the Church we cannot seem to reconcile, we too need to come and see. Go to the Sacraments. Enter into prayer. Learn what Christ and His Church actually teaches. Learn why the Church teaches what she does, and not simply what the Church teaches. Our doubt or struggle is not our cue to go away from, but instead to go toward Christ and His Church.


I’ve been thinking more on the importance of spontaneity in life, and doing things to have fun. There is nothing more fun than doing something or going somewhere out of the blue. If you haven’t done that in awhile, try it this week! I certainly will.


7 Quick Takes Friday is never really quick for me. As I sit here, my two Shi Tzu’s bark and cry at me to pick them up, with their big, sweet puppy eyes. When I pick one up and put her behind me on the chair (it’s hard to type with a dog on your lap), the other one wants up on my lap, and when I put both girls down again, they want back up.  At the very least, it gives me a good laugh.

Be sure to check out the blog of the wonderful Jennifer Fulweiler, the creator of 7 Quick Takes Friday. You can find her blog at Conversion Diary.


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