New Music Monday – Volume III – Carpe Diem with Christ


Who? Who is this “SonOfBosco” writing on Team Orthodoxy?

Well, my name is Ashley Collins, a friend of the Team (still waiting on that T-Shirt!) who loves music and was asked to guest blog some of my favorite music for their Monday Music bit. To find out more about me, you can check out the box at the end of the post that’ll link you to all the places that you can connect with me.

Today is quite the day! We’ve got 2 celebrations going on!

First, it’s STILL EASTER! Don’t you just love Catholicism? We don’t just celebrate one of the most important days in history for just one day, that’d be ludicrous! We KEEP celebrating and today we’re still celebrating Easter and Christ’s glorious resurrection!

Bartolomé_Esteban_Murillo_The_AnnunciationAlso, because the first week of Easter is so important and we did not want to detract from that, our wise Church simply transferred another feast down the road a little bit so that we could give it it’s due recognition. So Happy Feast of the Annunciation! Today, as we’re celebrating the Resurrection of Christ, we’re also going to celebrate Mary’s “Yes!” to the angel Gabriel that allowed God to become a Man. Celebrating Christ’s pre-birth and post-death on the same day should make any Doctor Who fan proud.

So to celebrate this joyous occasion(s), I’ve pulled together a mini- playlist that I’m calling my Carpe Diem with Christ (Seize the Day with Christ) playlist. It has songs about redemption and hope in a world that can sometimes bog us down with sadness and confusion.

Blah blah blah, “WHERE’S THE MUSIC?” you might be asking.. so without further ado I give you the first song:

Shake it Out

Florence and the Machine

Florence is telling a story about how she felt trapped and bound by her “demons” which can be interpreted as addictions. This can be addictions to sins or substances or both. Because of His death, Christ frees us from these demons and encourages us to draw near to Him so that we might have life in Him and He’ll help us shake off the demons.

Best Day of My Life

American Authors

This song is just full of hope. (It’s also got a banjo, and I’m a sucker for a song with a good banjo song.)  After the ladies visited the tomb after Christ’s death they became overjoyed to encounter the Living Christ! It was the BEST DAY OF THEIR LIFE! They were in the darkness of sadness and depression, but now they have the Eternal Light with them! And guess what, as Christ became their lantern for their feet, they marched on and showed the way for others.


Birds of Tokyo

Now that we have the Light of Christ, we can march on through this world. We don’t have to let it get us down.We’re marching out of the darkness toward Heaven (where we should be) and constantly reconverting ourselves back to Christ. And just as Christ greeted His Apostles with “Peace be with you” we now have nothing to fear..

Run Run

The Rival

Now that we’re at peace we can’t hold in the excitement! We are called to share that joy, that love, with everyone in the world! If you’re excited about something, you just HAVE to share it! Wouldn’t you want everybody to feel this peace and joy that comes with knowing Christ?

Run, Run, its a new day

Run, Run, its time to embrace  

Breathe, breathe, in and out  

and love, love, let it all out

So GO, RUN, and seize the day with Christ! You were made for this!



About SonOfBosco

Ashley is co-founder and director for E-Ministry of Peter and Paul Ministries, a Catholic non-profit dedicated to assisting the Catholic parishes and ministries with faith formation, website development and social media education. When not building websites, he occasionally blogs over at about music, Catholicism, Doctor Who, and combinations of the three. Currently, he works for the Archdiocese of Chicago's Office for Peace and Justice as the Program Assistant.

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