7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 8)



This week has been one of the best ever for the Team Orthodoxy blog, with a big influx of new readers. So, a big welcome to everyone who just found out about us. We hope you enjoy our site and find it edifying in your spiritual life. Leave us a comment if you have any ideas or suggestions, or just let us know what you think!


Five days already since Easter! The time has really been flying by for me. The Octave of Easter is a really awesome time to reflect on the victory of the resurrection, letting its joy really penetrate your heart, and of course, it’s a time of bacon on Fridays. That’s right. Eat bacon today and give honor to Jesus for his triumph over death in his resurrection!


I’ve been looking back on my experience of lent, and I find it’s a bit of a mixed review. I didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped, especially in terms of spiritual reading, although I did manage to save a fair bit of money for alms by cutting back on eating out. Definitely need to be a bit harder on myself next year.


What is a bigot? It’s something I’ve been thinking about lately, because according to many people, I am one. At least I’ve been called one more times than I can count, and usually at little provocation. So let’s define. A bigot is a person who treats people of different beliefs with intolerance. Immediately, I think no Christian should ever be a bigot.

As venerable Fulton Sheen pointed out so well, tolerance should always apply to persons, and never to truth. So, if you’re ever accused of this, know that it is false so long as you treat every person with love. Tolerate the person, not the false belief. As Chesterton said, “we call a man a bigot or a slave of dogma because he is a thinker who has thought thoroughly and to a definite end.”

You know, what strikes me most is the irony of it all. Calling someone a bigot because they disagree, or even act against your beliefs, is a textbook example of bigotry. Yet, that seems to be almost the sole use of the word bigot these days. Maybe we should just change the definition to “someone who disagrees with popular opinion.”


So… CatholicRuki made me this plushie enderman. Just… just look at it. It’s so majestic… not to mention way more cute than the original from minecraft.

endermanangry enderman


In this past week I’ve taken a new look at loving my enemies. Specifically, I’m thinking about people who cause me temptation, whether it’s to lust, anger, pride, or whatever else. I’ve realised that these are the last people I would have thought to pray for before now, which is a true shame. Jesus wants me to love my enemies and pray for them. It’s also a great distraction from angry thoughts – I really need to work on those.


Finally, today is the first day of the new Starcraft 2 World Championship Series. If you don’t know what that means, I’m talking about the latest development in the world of electronic sports (eSports). This is a huge step for competitive gaming, with Blizzard Entertainment unifying the biggest leagues in the world for Starcraft (the most successful game in eSports history) into one worldwide competition which will have 3 seasons this year, and 1.6 million dollars in prize money. Still not quite the NFL, but nothing to sneeze at either, for an emerging form of entertainment.

I’ll be watching, making predictions, and generally nerding it up as the action unfolds. If you want to check it out, head over to GomTV.

(7 Quick Takes Friday was started by the awesome and super-duper Jennifer Fulwiler, on her blog, Conversion Diary)


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  1. Yay bacon on Fridays! Or meat on Fridays. Or not fasting on Fridays in general. Still feels strange though.

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