7 Quick Takes – Volume 6

— 1 —

HABEMUS PAPAM!!! We have a Pope. His name is Pope Francis and I am super stoked. His entrance was definitely not what I expected. He is just super humble, and that totally threw me off, but I totally dig him.  This was one notable story that blew my mind from Wednesday night:

Cardinal Dolan told reporters the surprising story of how the newly elected pope decided to take the bus back to the hotel Wednesday with the rest of the cardinals instead of riding in the Holy Father’s car.

“So we take the buses over and the cardinals kind of wait outside to greet the new Holy Father as he comes back to Doma Santa Marta…and as the last bus pulls up, guess who gets off the bus? Pope Francis,” Dolan said. “So I guess he told the driver, ‘That’s OK. I’ll just go with the guys on the bus.’”

I’m not gonna lie, after reading that I was all like:

— 2 —

Speaking of Papal Elections, the last time that happened was when I was on NET Ministries of Canada serving on a parish team in 2005. You know, there is nothing weirder than being on NET. I can officially say that. Afterwards, when you get together with previous Netters, you even speak Netternese.  I was reminded of this last week when I joined some NET alumni and put on a retreat for 54 High Schoolers. Don’t get me wrong, NET is definitely a good and beautiful thing, but it definitely is a strange little microcosm of catholicity. If you are between the ages of 18-30, single, and have a desire to evangelize, you should totally apply.

— 3 —

Applications are a weird thing. I just applied to join the Social Media Team where I work.  I don’t know if I’ll get the job or not. I hope so. Do you ever feel like David and Goliath sometimes? Like the whole world is against you and you just got to trust God, knowing that whatever happens is His Will and that it will ultimately lead you to joy? Pray for me.

— 4 —

Speaking of prayer, God answers them. Due to the beautiful and overwhelming generosity of my family, Julie and I inherited a house. Wow, right? We are currently rebuilding the bathroom in it with the help of some AMAZING people. Bathrooms are ridiculously expensive to renovate, but so much fun. You want to know what else is expensive?

— 5 —

Rare Catholic books. I have a fascination with them. I love them. I blame my mother. She bought a book for me for Christmas called, “Eucharistic Directions” by the now St. Peter Julian Eymard (my fav Saint).  For anyone with a Eucharistically focussed spirituality, St. Peter Julian Eymard is your man.  His love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is contagious. I read that book during Eucharistic Adoration and it blew my mind.

— 6 —

Eucharistic Adoration also recently blew the mind of evangelical protestant, Michael Gungor of the band Gungor. He wrote about it on his blog recently. It was amazing to see how much love he received from Catholics on his blog.  I am really excited at the prospect of seeing them play live this summer at Soulfest.

— 7 —

Soulfest. Oh man. I am so stoked to go. Julie and I have formed a little tradition of going to Christian music festivals almost every summer. This year, we are heading to Gunstock, NH for 5 days of awesome. If you’re in the area, you should totally check it out. Let us know if you’re going, we can meet and we’ll even bring you a gift from Team Orthodoxy.

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