7 Quick Takes – Volume 5


  1.  I’ve been doing lots of reading this lent. I’ve been working my way through Christopher West’s commentary on Blessed John Paul II Theology of the Body. It’s a great read. I’ve been told that the original text is very dense at times, so reading West’s version will act as a preparation to read the original.
  2.  In addition to this , I’ve been reading St. Louis de Montforts “True Devotion”. It’s absolutely amazing! His love for Our Lady is so amazing, and his desire for all of us to love Mary more is inspiring and motivating. It’s not a long read, compared to TOTB, so you could easily finish it this lent. I highly recommend both books as a great addition to your other Lenten reads.
  3.  I’ve been facing a lot of things lately. Most of them are just things we all eventually have to go through at some point or another. You dream about them, but then all of a sudden you feel like you’re on the edge because you have to make some of the toughest decisions of your life. It’s funny how frozen we can feel when finally choices present themselves before us. Do we hesitate? Do we run the other way? Or do we Trust and just dive in? Trusting in God is sometimes harder than it seems, but He is the one that provides for us daily. We should trust in him for all things. Please pray for me, and I will pray for you.
  4. Recently, I read that someones view of Religion was that there is no God and that science is the only absolute truth. In response to this, I can only reply in this way: Saying such a thing is like being given a fantastic steak dinner, but refusing to believe in the existence of the master chef that prepared it.  Just my two cents there.
  5. I’m not sure if it’s obvious or not, but I’m a nerd. In August, I plan on going to Fan Expo. I’m super excited!  I’m still trying to think of a cosplay that’s isn’t revealing. I’m thinking of doing a Fluttershy cosplay. My only fear is being kidnapped by an obsessed fan.
  6. I went upstairs to make myself a smoothie, but we had no bananas that weren’t old and gross. Do you ever do that thing where you’re hungry so you go upstairs to look for food and find nothing that suits you? After this, you walk back downstairs, sit down, think of food, and then go back upstairs to look for food. It’s the worst cycle EVER.
  7. I’ve had disney songs in my head all week…

😀 I hope you all have a Great friday!

7 quick takes is hosted by the awesome Jennifer Fulwiler. You can find her 7 quick takes here.


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