Top Ten Tuesday – Things That Make Me Cry

Lent is a time to rend our hearts.  Here’s Top Ten Things That Make Me Shed a Tear.

wedding cry

10. Giving up Minecraft for Lent.

9. Liturgical Abuses.

8. Improper ordering of food.

7. Getting married (see above picture).

6. Watching Steve get ordained (future cry).

5. Watching Steve get concussed.

4. Stepping on a Lego.

3. The Series Finale of Fringe.

2. The Red Ring of Death on my Xbox.

1.  Shaving my Beard.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. Let us know what makes you cry in the comments! Happy Lenting!


About catholichris

I am an orthodox Roman Catholic twenty-something husband with a passion for spreading the Faith, especially within the social media sphere. I work with Team Orthodoxy (, a Catholic social media team, dedicated to the work of the New Evangelization, in full fidelity to the Holy Father, Pope Francis and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

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