Top Ten Tuesdays: Imaginary Band Names

Who doesn’t want to be in a totally awesome band? We’ve all done it before. And I’m sure we’ve all come up with the most amazing band names besides. Here is a list of 10 awesome and totally made-up band names.

#10 Mustache Rocket

mustache rocket

#9 Pink Dispensation

#8 Toilet Dingoes

#7 Origami Pigs

origami pigs

#6 Eucharist Garage

#5 Horizontal Rain

horizontal rain

#4 Taraxacum

#3 Wolves of Gubbio

wolves of gubbio

#2 Hyrax

#1 Steampunk Chesterton

steampunk chestertonWhat are some of your favorite awesome band names?

Note: Most of these are from the imagination of my good friend Lisa Josephsdatter of the “Catholic shenanigans crew” (with the exception of Eucharist Garage, thought up by one of Debra Dayton’s girls) over on Google+ with drawings by me. If you’re looking for a good place to play with other fun Catholics, G+ is a great spot to hang out. Team Orthodoxy is there too.


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