7 Quick Takes Friday (vol 3)



The first week of Lent has been a bit of a bizarre one for me, starting with the fact that my lenten sacrifices were unwillingly upgraded by a well-timed car theft. Yep, right after returning from Ash Wednesday mass, my beloved Corolla went on a bit of a joyride before being abandoned for the weekend. It was found only  a couple blocks away, with no damage and nothing missing. Divine providence? Well, who knows, maybe that green scapular did its job on that poor unsuspecting thief…


Speaking of lenten sacrifices, mine were definitely in need of some upgrading, post-Ash-Wednesday. Researching the practices of lent, I came across an old, and under-used formula: think of something you spend money on regularly, give it up and save the money for the poor. Kind of a no-brainer, but hey, I never claimed to be a pro at self-denial. For me, there was an obvious candidate for giving up: I go out for lunch at work several days a week; sometimes every day. Cut that back to only one day, and I should save a good amount of money for alms.


Yesterday, we got Team Orthodoxy together for a meeting, planning how we are going to grow as a team, and improve our blog this year. We’re trying out a couple of new things, like this weekly 7 Quick Takes, and alternating  team members for regular posts (Top Ten Tuesdays, Web Find Wednesdays, and more in-depth blogs on Saturdays). We’re also trying to be more active on our social media pages, and interact with our readers. So, if you guys have any thoughts on how we’re doing, comments, suggestions or complaints, leave me a comment below!


Okay. I just have to put something out there: There have been African popes already. Get over it already, media. It’s kinda sad how little effort journalists put into their writing on the Church these days. Most articles about the Church would have their basic premise shattered by a 30-second Google search or Wikipedia read. This is just the latest example.


If you’re confused, Victor I was African. The meme is from Catholic Memes.


Also on the subject of the papal election, a less angry, more scary note. We need to be praying for that conclave, for one very frightening reason: we’re not guaranteed a good pope. A lot of people talk about the pope being chosen by the Holy Spirit. That’s not really the case! Of course the Holy Spirit guides the Cardinals who are praying for the grace to choose wisely, but we have no promise that the pope will be a good one. We are more than capable of electing a pope who will do terrible things to the Church. The only guarantee is that the Church and her teachings will endure, no matter how good or bad the pope. That said, I am hopeful. There are a lot of really good Cardinals in the Church. Pray for them.


So, this Saturday I’m finally making it back to confession after a long nearly-a-month. Confession is definitely an absolute must if you want to grow spiritually this lent – it is a time of penance after all. If you haven’t been yet, why not go this weekend? Most Churches offer a scheduled confession time every Saturday. Pray for me, and I’ll pray for you.


I’ve got a pretty large reading list this lent, but I wanted to highlight one awesome book I borrowed from a friend, The Catholic Controversy, by St. Francis De Sales, Doctor of the Church and all-around boss. I’ve only read a bit, but I’m really excited. This book is a collection of his arguments against protestantism, and for the true faith – the very arguments with which he converted nearly 72,000 people in his lifetime. Prots better watch out for me on the interwebs after I read that!

(7 Quick Takes Friday was started by the awesome and super-duper Jennifer Fulwiler, on her blog, Conversion Diary)


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