Web Find Wednesday: Lent FTW!

Well, it’s time once again for your weekly dose of random Internet-fueled goodness. Since it’s Ash Wednesday I figured I might as well post up some of my favorites which I found this morning.

First, you need to have some penitential foods. I’m sure you could get in the spirit of fasting and abstinence with this recipe for cauliflower steaks.

Avante garde cooking: food which is better than it tastes.


Next we have a collection of animated Gifs explaining how Lent works. No, I won’t put up a preview picture for that one. You just need to go experience it. Many thanks to “NFP and Me” for the excellent bit of humor for us today.

Lastly, I found this courtesy of some Catholic Memes imitators on Facebook:
Catholic Memes - Lent


Thanks, and see you next week for more Web Find Wednesday.


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