Advent Challenge – Day 19 – O Clavis David

harrowing-of-hellO Key of David, O royal Power of Israel, controlling at your will the gate of heaven: Come, break down the prison walls of death for those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death; and lead your captive people into freedom

Christmas is just a few days away, and as prepared as I thought I would be this year, I am completely unprepared.  If you’re feeling the same way, take a few deep breaths and remember, the cleanliness of your home, the presents under the tree, the food on the table and the guests in your home have nothing to do with the perfect Christmas.

Jesus had nowhere to come into this world.  No one welcomed him but some strangers and a few barn animals.  Mary had to give birth in a stable and place her precious baby boy in a dirty feeding trough.  She knows about being unprepared for Christmas.  And yet, it was all as it should be.

If Jesus is in your heart and home nothing else matters!

We set up our Christmas tree today!  It hasn’t been decorated yet, if I’m lucky I might get that done before we leave to visit family Christmas morning!  But our Sacrifice Manger is full of soft hay, and our Advent candles are burning down and my children excitedly pray for Sarah every evening before bed.  I may not be prepared, but we’re still ready for the Christ child!

What else we did for Advent today:

Advent Wreath

Sacrifice Manger

Jesse Tree

Advent Calendar

Praying for Others


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