Where Were You When 9/11 Happened?

For many of us, especially in North America, the question of “Where were you when 9/11 happened” has been asked of us a thousand times.  The majority of the members in Team Orthodoxy are Canadian and so perhaps our experience is much different from those in the United States, but one thing is for sure, no matter where you are – terrorism affects everyone.

It was a cool fall morning. My tenth grade English class had gathered in our portable classroom outside of the school and were just diving into our class when our vice principal came into the room and asked to come down to the cafeteria.  As we walked out of the portable and into the school, other classes were filling into the cafeteria as well. The term”terrorist attack” was being passed around, but no one had any idea of the full details. As we filed into the cafeteria, it was all in darkness except for the large video screen playing at the front.  As my class walked in, we turned to see the video playing on CNN of the first plane crashing into one of the Twin Towers.  The second plane had yet to hit. We stood in shock. Some people were crying. It was a very dark day for us.  We knew things would never be the same.

According to multiple sources, nearly 3,000 people died due to the 9/11 attacks. This was an absolutely evil event in the history of the world. Since then, national security has tripled its efforts to ensure their citizens are safe. Try to cross the border or board a plane lately? The process is infinitely different than what it was before the 9/11 attacks.

The events of 9/11 are horrific.  Watching it happen on the news stations every year reopen the wound for so many of us. It forces us to look at evil square in the eye.  For many of us, we feel helpless like we did on the day it happened; watching as the people of New York fled in terror, or die under rubble. From thousands of miles away, we could only pray. The question many of us asked was What if 9/11 could have been prevented?

That is a question we can never know, however something far worse than 9/11 is occurring in our world – the terror of abortion.  Over 3500 children are killed daily in the USA alone from abortion.  9/11 killed that many people in one day. This one event caused the President to make live TV announcements, consoling the American people with promises of justice. Even today, we still honour the events at Ground Zero with different events through the day and at night they shoot two high powered spotlights into the sky where there towers once stood.  Where are the memorials dedicated to the unborn. The edifaces dedicated to the unborn are left relatively unseen, mostly tucked away in catholic cemeteries or on Catholic university campuses.  We’ve gone after the terrorists of 9/11, yet the abortionists are given a licence to kill.  In the State of California, you don’t even need to a medical licence to perform an abortion.  This is insanity and it has to be stopped.

In Canada, the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform is doing a great part in seeking to end the horror of abortion in Canada.  One of their primary ways of bringing an end to this grave evil is by displaying pictures of children whose lives have been ended through abortion on street corners and on the side of transport trucks.  The truth is, an injustice unseen is an injustice forgotten. Every year we are bombarded with reminders of the events of 9/11.  This is a good thing, however what about the absolute terror taking place in clinics and hospitals across the world?  In your own city? It’s time for it to be seen!

The CCBR intends to help bring an end to abortion.  I believe, and so do they and many others, that abortion can be abolished in our lifetime.  The big question is, when abortion is finally abolished, and people look back on the history of genocide that we allowed on our own soil, and ask us, just like with 9/11, “Where were you when abortion was legal”, I hope that we can say in return, “I was on the front lines, fighting for it’s abolition”.

9/11 and abortion

Graphic Provided by Abolish Human Abortion


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  1. Wow. This was a terrible posting. How dare you minimize the horrendous effects of 9/11.

    • He didn’t minimize it. He compared it to the reality of abortion. If that reality offends you, maybe you should carefully consider why.

  2. He absolutely minimized it. I guarantee you that if his mother had died in the 9/11 attacks this posting on the horrendous reality of terrorism would not have be changed into another anti-abortion crusade. Abortion and terrorism are two completely separate subjects that should be argued as such. I’m not saying I agree with abortion. I’m saying that they are completely separate and should not be compared. The title of this posting is “Where were you when 9/11 happened?’ not ‘This is how abortion relates to 9/11’. I did not sign up to read another catholic advertisement on the horrific realities of abortion. I expected that I would be reading a catholic perspective on global terrorism and anti-american challenges.

  3. “however something far worse than 9/11 is occurring in our world – the terror of abortion” – how can you possibly say that abortion is ‘far worse’ than 9/11. FAR WORSE?! At best, you can say that something EQUALLY terrifying is happening – a life for a life. But how dare you say that something ‘far worse’ than 9/11 is occurring in the world. A life is a life. 3500 lives were lost in 9/11, and 3500 lives are lost through abortion. By saying that abortion is far worse, you are minimizing how horrendous it was to lose those people in 9/11, only because it happened once. It happened ‘just once’ so that clearly abortion is worse. A life is a life. You cannot deem it to be far worse just because 9/11 happened once whereas 3500 children are killed each day. It is not ‘far worse’.

    • You’re not being logical. First of all, of course it’s worse for 3500 people to die every day for decades, than for it to happen once. There’s only one reason you’d deny this: you don’t *want* to admit abortion is worse. Do you truly believe that 3500 murders are just as bad as 50000000, just because the fifty million weren’t all killed on the same day? Not to mention that it is still happening. What if tomorrow a plane levelled the white house, and the next day destroyed another landmark, killing 3500 people each. Do you believe that things would not really be any worse?

      How about a few more reasons. Which is worse, a man murdering a stranger, or a mother murdering her own child? Which is worse, a society in which a murder takes place and the murderer is justly condemned, or one in which murderers are applauded and encouraged to utilize their right to kill?

      You say we don’t understand the reality of the September 11 attacks. I think they are far easier to understand than the reality of the massacre of the unborn. Everyone saw the 9/11 attacks. They were played in every school, we heard about them and talked about them for years. Who is broadcasting the gruesome murders taking place at abortion clinics? Our society actively covers up the evil. The reality has not sunk in for most people, whether it is ignorance, or denial.

      • It amazes me that you are so convinced that I don’t “*want to admit that abortion is worse”. Why are you so emotionally invested in my opinion? Why are you being so judgmental, accusing me of not being logical? Not to mention you accuse me of saying you don’t understand the reality of the September 11 attacks – I never did say that, if you read my original posting. As well, you did not address my primary complaint about this posting – trying to compare the terrorist attacks to abortion. Like I said, I didn’t sign up to read a post on abortion. I signed up to read something about where I was on 9/11. But then I got smacked in the face with more anti-abortion works. I was hoping for a catholic perspective on terrorism.

        While we’re here, I may as well inform you that I am indeed anti-abortion and that I agree abortion needs to be abolished. It is numbing to think that so many lives are lost over abortion and that the numbers that are advertising these murders are so seemingly low. I hope me saying this will satisfy your incessant accusations that I am not wanting “to admit that abortion is worse” and that the reality of abortion offends me. (Two wild accusations, I must say, considering you don’t know me or my story).

        Anyways, like I said. The war on terrorism should never have been compared to the war on unborn children. This is my opinion and it will not waver. The ball was definitely dropped on this one. I would like to request that a proper blog posting be published on the catholic views of terrorism though (which is what I was originally hoping for when I read the title of this blog posting). And in future, for the titles to be more appropriate to the blog postings themselves. I would never have guessed it was going to be about abortion.

        While we’re at it – who cares about the 6million Jews who were murdered in the holocaust. It only happened once, so it is no big deal. After all, you only need for 1714 days to pass for the same number of unborn children to be murdered. Better stop having holocaust remembrance days. After all, it only happened once.


        Oh and for the record, a murderer killing a stranger and a mother killing her child is the same. Murder is murder. And if, like in your scenario, another 3500 people were murdered if the white house was leveled and then another 3500 people are killed the next day for me it is the same. Murder is murder. Neither one is worse than the other. Ultimately a life is taken. Both are horrendous. The war on abortion is horrendous. The war on terrorism is horrendous. The war and holocaust were horrendous. None of them more horrendous than the other.

        And this will be my last posting on the subject! Thank you for listening.

        Oh, and one more thing. You can stop judging people who have abortions any time now. God will deal with them on judgment day. Not you. God will judge the people involved in the terrorist attacks, and the holocaust, and everyone who lives on a day to day basis. He will judge you, and He will judge me. These are my opinions and I do not apologize for them.

        As said, I won’t be responding to any posts after this because I have adequately said my piece. Thanks!

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