Introducing….Jess from the West

Hi there, and praise God for who you are!

This is Jess from the Wild West (Oregon), and although you may not know me yet, you soon you will!  I am the newest member of Team Orthodoxy, and as such I have been asked to share a few of God’s blessings over the course of my life.  As I look back on the many years, I can see such mercy poured out upon me.  I was baptized as an infant, but the faith was never handed on to me with love.  By the time I was in high school, I was a self-proclaimed atheist, who hated the very idea of God.  I rejected Him completely, and lived a life of “freedom” in which my chains were heavier and stronger than any I could have ever imagined.  The Lord was so good to me, and He called me out of my darkness through a series of providential events and persons.  When I came back into the Church, I was on fire with the love of God, and I still am.  After a  period of discernment, I entered a religious order, and lived as a Bride of Christ for 6 beautiful years.  During my time as a Sister, I had the great opportunity to study the marvels of God through theology, Sacred Scripture and the liturgy, among many other things.  As my temporary vows drew towards expiration, I discerned that the Lord was asking me to follow Him in a different way.  After much prayer, silence and spiritual direction, I realized the beauty and dignity of the vocation He was placing on my heart: marriage.

And so,  here I am today.  God is continually blessing me, and His love is so real in every blessing, and in every sorrow.

In the weeks to come, I will be discussing the objective nature of beauty.  I challenge you to walk with me, and to explore the theological underpinnings of this often misunderstood transcendental.  Yes, there are elements of beauty which allow us to discern its true worth!  Beauty is not just skin deep, nor is it a subjective quality found only in supermodels and sunsets!   God is Beauty, and we can begin to live Heaven on earth by seeking authentically beautiful people and things in this life already!

O Beauty ever ancient… ever new!  Late have I loved you…


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  1. Hi Jess. Looking forward to more of your posts.

  2. Beauty is all around, if only we had eyes to see! I look forward to your future posts. God love you and bless you! – Travis

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