Web Find Wednesday – Parenting Edition

It’s time for another . . .

So here are some of my favourite go-to parenting sites … click on them… I dare you!

1. iusenfp is a new site that was just launched a couple weeks ago.  It’s a great resource if you’re interested in learning about Natural Family Planning, using Natural Family Planning, or promoting Natural Family Planning.  It’s aimed to come from a secular standpoint, so it’s great for gathering information about the awesome health benefits that come from using Natural Family Planning to both conceive and avoid a pregnancy.  There’s also a store to pick up all of your NFP needs!  Also, they’ve got lots of cheeky little graphics for Facebook like this:

2. Parent Hacks is a great site that both my husband and I love.  It’s full of awesome little ideas and you can search easily through the site by age, or specific need.  There’s lots of tips for games with your kids, recipes, how to handle chores around the house, traveling, etc.  There’s way too much for me to pick something so show you, so just click on the link already.  You’ll thank me.

3. Catholic Icing is a fantastic resource for the homeschooling Catholic parent, or really any Catholic parent.  There’s an entire preschool Catholic curriculum available, along with a ton of free coloring pages, activities and crafts that go along with the liturgical year, like these little priest peg dolls…how cute are they?!


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  1. Hello. This is Travis from Catholic1.net, letting you know that you have been nominated for some awards. Please, follow this link for the award/s: http://catholic1.net/2012/08/03/1101/. If you choose to accept any of these awards, I would be very honored. God’s many blessings!

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