Lust: Not Just a Guy Thing

“More souls go to Hell because of the sins of the flesh than for any other reason.”- Our Lady of Fatima

How often do we see relationships affected by the consequences of pornography?
How much of the media is targeted to degrading women and turning them into sexual objects that are pleasing to ‘the gaze’?
The Gaze is a cinematic tool in which the camera objectifies its subject. Often it is women being looked at by men and seen as sexual objects. The camera focuses on a part or parts of the woman in order to send across her subjection to the viewer.

Well, while feminists battle it out against the male gaze in Vertigo, I’ll just discuss how media likes us ladies to have a gaze of our own against men, and not in a good way.

Hollywood has done a fantastic job turning human sexuality into a device meant to bring us escapism and pleasure. Movies that project big screen nudity and sex send images into both male and female viewers. Television series with steamy sex scenes fill up the TV guides. These are the shows that somehow have season after season, each promising to be hotter than the last one. The images create fantasies on screen for the viewers, inspiring them to have their own, and what is worse is that this leads to sin.

Erotic fiction and romances are mass produced by publishers around the world .  These books fill the shelves of department stores, bookstores, libraries, and are discussed in book clubs.  Harlequin novels are some of the most popular books amongst women. People are drawn in to the quick ‘romantic’ story about a lonely woman that seeks love. They create a drama, a dream of passion and sex fueled by love from a childhood friend or the mysterious man at the back of the room. But found within the pages are frequent sex scenes that don’t even contribute to a good storyline.

Readers will try and justify those scenes by saying “Oh , but they are in love!” False.  They are in lust.  Novels allow readers to create a private sphere in their mind. They are private, and yet mass produced like a biological and demoralizing weapon. Here’s what gets me, though. So many relationships are torn up because of the industry of pornography. Marriages crumble. Couples lose trust with one another. And yet, how many of the same women go out and buy erotic fiction or park themselves in front of the TV and watch women fall into affairs, explicit sex scenes, complicated love triangles where friends are sleeping with friends, making the mistake of sleeping with a friend and then falling in love with them and continuing to have sex with them. The list goes on.

Really? Does this make ANY sense? Absolutely not. These TV shows, movies, and books, are just the media’s way of getting at women and creating for them a different kind of ‘porn’. It’s manufactured to please (most often) female audiences and keep them coming back for more. These images attempt and many times succeed to lead women to sin in their hearts, minds, and even their bodies. The images make women crave for a sexual adventure of their own comparable to those that they read about or watch.

Many will say it’s all about self control. One person may read the novels and find themselves giving in to temptations. Other will simply read over the erotic parts with not much interest. If you play with fire, though, you’re going to get burned. Temptation can be given into like a bad habit. I’ll use smoking as a way to explain this. You know many people die from cancers caused by smoking, but you also know many people who don’t have cancer or other problems. Does that make smoking okay? NOPE! Why would you risk starting such a horrible habit that will cause your body ailments and possibly lead to death? Is it not common sense to avoid things that will make us sick and possibly die? So why would you put yourself in a position of temptation which can cause sin and sickness of the soul? The same way smoking puts your body at a higher risk of cancer, these temptations put your soul at a higher risk of spiritual disease. Regardless of whether or not one person can handle it, it’s not appropriate, and it is sinful.

Lust is extremely manipulative. It targets our hearts and souls to send us on a path that could bring us to a place far from Love. It puts on the mask of love, and it tears at us from the inside out. It aims to destroy femininity and masculinity and corrupt our hearts and bodies in whatever way it can.

Men are sons of God. They are not to be seen as bringers of fulfillment and pleasure and be eye candy to all those who look on them and neither are women. True heroic masculinity can’t be found in raunchy dramas or movies or in the pages of an erotic fiction novel.   It can be found in the heart of a man who loves with his whole heart, in he who wants to protect women from sin and all worldly harm, and most importantly in he who loves God above all else.

Does what you read or watch promote or tempt you or others to sin? If it does, do not give in to it.  In fact, stay away from it. Do not support the  media in its attempt to degrade men and women by turning us into sexual objects. Don’t buy the books. Don’t watch the shows or recommend  them. All the media wants is to get rich quick by manipulating the sexual cravings of their customers. It doesn’t care about your soul or God’s love for you.  So when you see those male actors on screen, appreciate them as part of Gods creation deserving respect and love, and not as objects.

LOVE is infinitely stronger than lust.  It defeats sin, crushing it underfoot. Turn your eyes to LOVE Himself, Christ our Lord. Ask Him to make you pure. Pray to Our Lady, who is the new Eve that crushes the serpent and sends Satan running. Pray for all those that are caught up in lust’s web, that they may overcome temptation. Pray for all those that are part of the the industries that produce the rubbish that leads people to temptation and sin.

Catholic Ruki


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