Top Ten Tuesdays: Things I wanna teach my kids someday

In my naivete, I have decided to share with you some things I want to share with my children, if God-willing, my wife and I are given the grace to raise children someday.  I would really like to hear our follower’s feedback and things they would share or have shared with their kids, so please leave a comment.  Help me prepare to be an awesome daddy someday, gosh darnit!  I am going to share this Top Ten in reverse order, just to make it fresh. Alright, let’s roll!

1.       God exists.

2.       God in His great love created you because He wished to share His great love with you for eternity.

3.       You’re a sinner. I’m a sinner.  We’re all sinners (minus Jesus and Mary), and therefore we all need Jesus to save us from our sins.

4.       Through Baptism, you are called by name by God to be His adopted children.  You are a child of the King. Therefore, you have incredible worth and a greater dignity.

5.       Though you have great worth, you have to come to terms with the fact that you aren’t perfect, and you’re bound to make mistakes. That is okay.  Just remember that your mistakes do not define who you are.

6.       When you make a mistake, own up to it. True forgiveness and reconciliation is only possible through contrition. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

7.       Because you are worth so much, don’t settle for the status quo or worse. Aim for excellence in all things; relationships, school, work, your spiritual life. Be virtuous!

8.       Do not be afraid. Take risks, as long as they are moral.  Have fun. Life is too short to be worried what other people think.  Never be afraid to express yourself.

9.       Do not kill your imagination. Find the things that make you feel truly alive and invest in those things. Foster your gifts and talents.

10.   Children should be seen AND heard. Therefore, always speak your mind.  This may not mean that you are always right, but never be afraid to speak about how you feel, or what you are thinking. Your thoughts and opinions are important.

Well I hope you enjoyed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.  Make sure to leave a comment below.  See you in the comments!


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  1. I like it. You could also tell them, when they’re older, that speaking their mind may mean that sometimes they will be criticized, contradicted, called names but that is no reason to be quiet about what you know is right. Persecution can come in a university lecture hall too, as some of my kids have learned when you defend your faith in a secular university environment. Also, not everyone gets a prize, otherwise it’s not a prize. And, the most important lesson………..put God first, your spouse second and everything else will fall into place. Wise words from my late father-in-law to my husband on our wedding day. Thank God we had the sense to at least try to follow his advice. The old Baltimore Catechism still gets it right: why did God make me? He made me to know Him , love Him, serve Him in this world and be with Him in the next. That’s an oldie but a goodie for the kids too.

  2. nateaddington

    well said! My first is due in December so I love when posts like this one come up. When I found out it was a boy I did a post on the top ten things a catholic father should get his son, but these are even better

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