Top Ten Tuesdays: Collar Hollars (Priestly Encouragements)

Team Orthodoxy is committed to faithfully serving our priests.  In a Church seemingly ravaged by the distrust of clergy due to the failure of some priests and in large part to the media’s influence against the Priesthood, we must be instruments of charity for our good and holy priests. If we are to see restoration and healing to the Church, this is of paramount importance.  Here are Top Ten Ways you can be an encouragement to our awesome priests.

1.     Make secret spiritual sacrifices for your priest.
Take a cold shower, fast from something you love, do some works of mercy, do something against your natural inclinations.

2.     Organize a spiritual bouquet with your friends and family and present it to your priest.
Spiritual Bouquets are prayers or devotional acts that someone (the giver) has or will offer for someone else (the recipient). It can be given from an individual or group to an individual or group to express joy, sorrow or best wishes, often in commemoration of a special occasion. The recipient is given a card or something similar indicating who the giver is and what the spiritual bouquet consists of. This can be the number of Masses attended, Holy Communions offered, rosaries and/or other prayers said, or good deeds performed. It should include the sender’s name and the number of times each offering was or will be done, and it may also include the dates. (Taken from

3.     Pray the rosary for your priest regularly.
Mary is the Mother of Priests.  So, you should do it.  Let Team Orthodoxy teach you how if you do not know how to pray the rosary.

4.     Pray for your priest, as much as possible in other devotional ways.
When you don’t have time to pray a rosary or the ability to receive communion for him, just offer up a simple prayer, entrusting Him to God and our Lady.  

5.     Organize a thank-you dinner for your priest’s service.
If you can organize a thank you dinner within the parish, do it.  If not, have him over to your house or take him out to dinner, as a gesture of thanks for his selfless service. 

6.     Write your priest a letter of affirmation and send him cards on his birthday and anniversary to the priesthood.
Priests need to hear from us and feel appreciated, like we all do.  As the Church, who is his Bride, let us love him by recognizing important events and dates in his life.  This will show him that we care and we know who he is. 

7.     Volunteer at the parish.
Priests need volunteers to make the  parish run.  Just do it, and do it with joy.  You won’t regret it.

8.     Encourage your priest in his faith by purchasing good catholic media for himCardinal Arinze Funny
It is easy for our priests to get bogged down in work and lose sight of their own spiritual growth.  Therefore let’s encourage our priests by ensuring they have good books and other media to edify them spiritually. *Note, this is not a time to teach your priest what he needs to do, but an encouragement for him*  A great book that I encourage everyone to get their priest is “Meeting Jesus and Following Him” by Francis Cardinal Arinze.

9.  Share the joy of your faith with your priest.
Be present to him.  Stop by and visit from time to time. Reach out and make that connection with him. He needs community just as much as we do.    

10.  Secretly send your red roses on the anniversary of his ordination with a card stating “Happy Anniversary Spouse.  Love ~the Church”.
Best Gift EVER!!! 

Let us know if you’ve implemented any of these ideas, or you have other ideas to share.  Let’s collaborate together to come up with ideas to encourage our priests!

See you next week.


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  1. As somebody who is hopefully gonna be a priest soon, I would say the most encouraging thing is to see people flourishing in their faith. Nothing builds a priest up more than seeing God working in His people. Just like a natural father, the priest, as a spiritual father, takes the utmost joy in seeing his children joyful and in love with the Lord.

    So yeah, talk about what God is doing in your life, and be excited!

  2. For many years, my family has had an open-door policy towards friends who are priests. It’s not unusual for a Father to phone and say “hey, wants for dinner” and then show up moments later. Our priests need some down time too and I’ve been told that having a safe place where they can put their feet up and be themselves helps. I’ve also been told that it’s nice to talk about something other than religion at dinner. Our policy of feeding priests extends to seminarians too, including one who is near and dear to Team Orthodoxy…just sayin’

  3. I so want to try #10 next year!

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