Top Ten Tuesday – Summer Playlist

Whether you’re hanging out at home with the windows open, chilling out on the beach, or taking a roadtrip with your friends, music always has a way of making its way into your summertime experiences.  Some in the older crowd may think of the Beach Boys. The Millenials are a different breed altogether.  Music has always played an integral part in the lives of some of the founding members of Team Orthodoxy. Many summer nights have been spent driving with the windows down, and blaring the craziest, funnest music we could think to play.  For us older people, we call it a mixtape. Some might remember this scene from High Fidelity…

The younger crowd might call it a Playlist.  In the end, truth be told, there is an art to creating a mixtape/playlist. This is not necessarily the order we would put our mixtape in, as there is a flow one must create. Nevertheless, here is the  Top Ten Summer Playlist for 2012 by Chris and Julie.

10. Take on Me by A-ha

9. Cover your Eyes by Children 18:3

8. Get on Outta Here by Family Force 5

7. The Healing by Ivoryline

6. Busy Body by Jonezetta

5. Ozark Empire by the Listener

4. For the Actor by Mates of State

3. Danger Kids by Queens Club

2. Oh the Depths by Wolves at the Gate

1. Rhubard Pie by Five Iron Frenzy


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Catholic. Married. Secular Discalced Carmelite. Hipster. Foodie. Board Game Aficionado. Beard.

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