I blame it on the sleep deprivation…

If you’re familiar with the book of Jonah you know it kind of ends on a low note.  Every time I’ve finished reading it I have always thought…and…?

Biblical stories don’t generally end with the protagonist learning absolutely nothing and despairing of his life.

I was watching Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie with my son this afternoon.  If you’re not familiar with Veggies Tales, I’m sure Wikipedia has a lovely entry for you to peruse!  Its a wonderful show and I highly recommend you check it out.


After they go through the story of Jonah, as related by the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, Bob the Tomato remarks the same thought I always have at the end of reading Jonah “that’s it?  That’s how it ends?  But what did Jonah learn?”

One of the Pirates aptly responds “It’s not about what Jonah learned, but what you learned from the story”.


Sometimes even kids movies can teach us something.


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