Dear Friends…

Dear friends,

This is just a basic note of thanks to all of you who faithfully follow this blog.  We are very blessed knowing there are many of you out there, though many silent, who are participating in the grassroots Catholic movement called Team Orthodoxy, just by reading, or perhaps sharing this blog with your friends through the many social media outlets present today.

The work of Team Orthodoxy is seeking to grow and we have many plans for the future which we will be putting forward soon; plans we hope you will support us in by prayer and perhaps even by other means.  We are working hard at forming plans to expand the work of Team Orthodoxy beyond the realms of our blog and the social media outlets we have been engaging in, while still keeping our website current.

As you have seen, we have a great team of contributors, ranging from all different walks of life, from the married state and the single, from e-communications department for a Hotel Company, to a Computer Engineer, to an Arts Major, to a Seminarian.  This hopefully shows the diversity of our walks of life, but the one common mission that we have – to share the Hope and Love of Jesus Christ with you, and to be active witnesses to His work in our lives and within His Bride, the Church.  We love Christ, we love the Faith, we love the Church, and we love souls.  This is our motivation, and this is what we will continue to bring to you.  Please keep us in your prayers and please share our work with those you know.

We are currently building an incredibly thorough and original library of resources, written by us from an orthodox Catholic perspective.  All of our work is obviously here to be seen.  Help us spread the Truth.  If you don’t like our writings, talk with us.  We are glad to discuss what we believe, even if you are diametrically opposed to it.  Be a part of the conversation.  All in all, stand up and be heard, because we live in a culture so overrun by voices that dominate the conversation that seek to drown out individual voices.  BE HEARD!

Again, thank you from the bottom of our heart.  We cannot wait to share with you our ideas and plans! We hope you will choose to be a part of this movement; being an authentic Catholic voice on the web and in the world.  Please join us in the work of the “New Evangelization”.


God Love You,

Team Orthodoxy


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