Joyful Anticipation

So, 2012 has finally come. Welcome to the new year! I know that this new year will bring so many things for everyone, especially for Team Orthodoxy and

We have been extremely busy in planning for the blog for this year and will be committing to some new things – wonderful things for you all to look forward to! We will be getting into some really deep stuff. You should expect to see at least one post a week, each by a different member of the team. Sometimes you may see more posts. But at least one/week. We are so excited to get things rolling and into a new groove. And we want to hear what you all have to say. Is there something you want us to talk about? Something you might have a question about that you want us to answer? Please, let us know! We want to know. We are writing for you, to reach out to Catholics and non-Catholics alike, so if there is something – anything at all that you want us to know about or talk about, please, please let us know! We love you all and want this year to be fruitful.

Given this time of preparation to get the blog rolling for 2012, we will be taking the weekend off. We will be back on Monday, so get ready to begin an awesome year with Team Orthodoxy!!




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