Lay it Down – A Spoken Word Style Poem on Trust in Divine Providence

Sometimes I struggle to trust You
Lay it all down at your feet
Surrender is something I can sing about
But most of the time my head and my heart don’t meet

But You call me to be
Single-minded and completely,
totally free
and not be unwilling to resign

Call you Abba, Father?
Sometimes I just don’t want to bother
Thinking I have you figured out
Perfectly contained in this little box

Known as my ego
Oh God I just want to be free
This is a complex
of me versus Thee

And I can’t win
Even though I think I do
but all it brings is sin
with its captivity too

And so instead
I’m begging for grace
to overcome myself
and put Yourself in my place

A childlike heart
is what You seek
So tear down my strength
and make me weak


You ask me to come
and lay my concerns before
You are a good daddy,
who offers us more and more

Grace and gifts,
to those who ask,
and seek with fervour,
to those who hold fast

To the promise You’ve made
Faithful to the end
Until the world fades
You love me more than a friend

God, You are Love
So why do I doubt
When things start to go wrong
I scream and shout

I am the cynic,
who stands at the cross
challenging You to come down,
no matter the cost

Instead of the cynic,
I want to be the son,
Who knows that You can be trusted
That I do not need to run

But to Your arms,
And rest upon Your breast,
And offer to you the worries of my heart,
Let Your love melt away my stress

Oh Blessed Mother,
Teach me to confide,
all to Jesus through you,
so that Jesus may come inside

Dwelling in safety,
The Lord in my heart,
May He find a place of refuge
where He would never wish to depart 

Jesus, I am Thine, and all I have is Thine
Through Mary the Immaculate 


About catholichris

Catholic. Married. Secular Discalced Carmelite. Hipster. Foodie. Board Game Aficionado. Beard.

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