mewithoutYou – 5


A band that, for the members of Team Orthodoxy, truly needs no introduction.  The mere mention of the band sets the minds and hearts of the members ablaze with joy and love.  Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but there is an uncanny amount of nostalgia that lies deep within the bosom of Team Orthodoxy.  MewithoutYou is most likely for the musicians within the team the predominating musical influence.  I will admit, I was the first within the group to fall madly in love with mewithoutYou.  However, like St. Augustine wrote, “Late have I loved thee…”, though I knew of their existence.  I hopped on the fanboy wagon shortly after the release of their sophomore album, “Catch for us the Foxes” and have waited anxiously for every word that has fallen from the mouth of Aaron Weiss ever since. His lyrics are absolute poetry and resound in the ear with alarming clarity that reaches down into your soul and gives it a punch.  The releases since that album have been more folk inspired than rock and metal, which for the boys on the team is a turn off, but for the ladies, well let us just say, appeals to their delicate ear drums.   With their fifth album to be released in the Spring of 2012, I find myself praying, nay, lamenting unto Almighty God that this album will be a return to their former state;  That I will insert the new CD into my cd player in my car and it will spin in their for a good 6 months without tiring.   This is my desire.  However I do not know if this will be the case.  I have embeded a video from an interview they did with WXPN in Philadelphia.  I leave this to your better judgement.  Let us hope together.

In the Immaculata,


Oh, and Merry-soon to be Christmas-Get ready, the King is coming

Key Studio Video Session #5 – Me Without You from WXPN FM on Vimeo.


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