Words are Important

“Words are important”.  This line, which has been made into a sort of inside joke among the members of Team Orthodoxy, have some actual significance for what I wish to speak about.  Words, whether in books, songs, the television, and out of our very mouths have a particular power.  God Himself created using His words as Genesis tells us.  In John 1:1 we here that in the beginning was the WORD (logos).  The Logos is Jesus Christ.

Therefore, THE WORD, Jesus Christ is of paramount importance.

As Catholics,if our words are not tainted by The Word, our speech remains idle and without life.  It is mere dialogue.  I guess this is just a short way of me saying, tell your friends about the hope you have in Jesus Christ.

In the Immaculata,



About catholichris

I am an orthodox Roman Catholic twenty-something husband with a passion for spreading the Faith, especially within the social media sphere. I work with Team Orthodoxy (orthodoxcatholicism.com), a Catholic social media team, dedicated to the work of the New Evangelization, in full fidelity to the Holy Father, Pope Francis and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

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