My response to The Black Sheepdog

Hello fellow Catholics,

I just wanted to give my $0.02 concerning this self defrockment of Father John Corapi. To hear his farewell speech go to Click here to hear the speech

1. This man is wounded. Rightfully so. If we could show him some empathy we ourselves could probably relate to his own reaction. I know for me my response would be far from as charitable as his announcement was.

2. Father John is alone. The very people he spent his 20 years serving and backing are the same people that led him to the guillotine. Bishops and priests alike. I cannot imagine watching such a story unfold before me and simply watch my friends walk away. The vast majority of people leech onto bad news because they are too lazy and self absorbed to search for the Truth. This is self evident. Ask the nominal catholic in the pews what percentage of the priesthood has been involved in the sexual abuse scandal and the numbers you would get would be exponentially higher than they truly are based on how the media feeds the world.

I would like to say that though in his announcement there wasn’t a comment about God, we really need to notice perhaps a man who is like Jesus in Gethsemane, who prayed for the cup to pass. Perhaps he is feeling also abandoned by God too We are passing judgement on him leaving the priesthood, but to him no one is coming to his aid and the system which we all know is truly flawed is against him. I don’t know if I would want to continue to work and support people who abandon those most in need. And if you really believe that a great number of clergy and those in authority within the church have not abandoned him based solely on these false accusations, you are being naiive.

3. The proof is in the pudding. We can lob our accusations on this abandoned catholic man all we want, basing our slander on how he worded his goodbye and the general feeling we get from him. However this is all too much like Protestant logic- “If what he says fits my criteria and this person makes me feel good than he must be okay”. Let’s see what he does from here before we cut him off at the knees. Let’s see what type of fruit he bears outside of the confines of his priestly ministry. This is where we can then make proper judgement. Without this, all we have is what he did before which is very authentically good stuff. He is leaving the priesthood and those who supported him may view this as giving up, cowardice, and the like. However, maybe God will use this black sheepdog to do good things for the Church Militant without his priestly faculties. Let’s be honest I have not heard one person talk about his incredible demeanor during the Mass however I hear all the time about his talks. Let’s be charitable here before we completely void anything good he can do and as always pray pray pray.

In the Immaculata,



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  1. I agree with you Chris

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